Why Local Flowers

Have you ever noticed that your standard grocery store bouquet only lasts a couple days? I’ll let you in on a little secret…It’s because nearly 80% of the flowers that are sold in the United States aren’t grown in North America! That’s right, the flowers you buy for your special occasions are typically not even American grown. Yikes!

There’s An entire chain of processes these flowers go through before getting to you. By the time you get your hands on those blooms they are typically already a week old. They have been grown in South America (typically), shipped in airline freights and shipping containers, imported to a broker, distributed to a wholesaler, sorted and sent out on trucks to your local florist or grocery chain, then finally to you! whew, that was a lot! Are you still with me? 

When you buy your flowers from a local farm your blooms are truly seed to vase…to you. from sowing the seeds, to tending the soil, we hand pick the freshest in season stems in the flower field! We thoughtfully select the colors and textures that go into your bouquets. The quality speaks for itself. Not to mention, the vase life!

Here at Wildly Rooted Floral we grow all the heirloom varieties florists and chains can’t get their hands on! Why? Because they are grown, not flown! Ever notice how your grocery store bouquets barely smell of fresh florals? That’s because to withstand shipping they’ve been bred differently and have lost their scent. Not to worry, we promise that’s not the case here on our little flower farm! 

Most local flower farms grow using organic practices. Why? Because we live on the land we steward and grow on! I don’t want my little ones running and playing in harsh chemicals. Our flowers here are grown without the inputs of pesticides and herbicides. Imported flowers can’t say the same. When you purchase a bouquet of our fresh flowers here at the farm, you can truly feel confident about what you’re bring into your home. 

Since we grow our blooms naturally without harsh chemicals, we also act as a safe haven for our local pollinators! These birds and bees often go on and help pollinate other local farms and crops in our community.  

I hope you get the chance to experience the joy of locally grown flowers. I can’t wait to grow and share them with you.


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